In addition to or in conjunction with our APO Framework, we offer custom development of audio applications and audio processing blocks for all mobile and desktop platforms. For cross-platform development, we use Xamarin† and C# to deploy apps on multiple platforms.


  • Desktop .NET Applications
    • Real-time control apps which can communicate with APOs
    • Design, implementation, and testing
    • Support for full localization (42+ languages)
    • Tuning applications, with all controls operating in real-time
  • Modern (Metro) Apps
    • Real-time control apps which can communicate with APOs
    • HD Audio
    • USB
    • Support for full localization
    • Windows Store support
    • WindowsRT API
    • Universal Apps (run on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1)
  • Installers
    • Full support for test-signed and production-signed drivers
    • Support for desktop apps and utilities
    • Merge modules for modular installers
    • ‘Silent’ installation is supported
  • Desktop System Tray Application
    • An application which installs in the system tray next to the clock and speaker, used to launch and control other desktop apps
  • Media Foundation Transforms (MFTs)
    • Signal processing blocks for use by applications
    • When installed on system, available to all desktop apps
    • May be contained within Modern app manifest
  • XAPOs
    • Basic audio processing block in XAudio2, for Modern apps and Windows Phone apps

Intel SOC Platform

  • Nuance Support
  • APOs (when hardware acceleration is disabled)
  • Proxy APOs (when hardware acceleration is enabled, used for control)
  • I2S Drivers
    • Support custom I2S devices
  • Filter Drivers
    • Extend Intel Driver functionality without requiring any code changes from Intel

Windows Phone

  • Universal Apps (run on both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1)
  • Audio applications
  • XAPOs
  • Cortana
  • Speech Recognition apps
  • Bluetooth Audio Support


  • Audio applications
  • ALSA Drivers to insert signal processing at system level
  • Bluetooth Audio Support


  • Audio applications
  • Audio Units
  • System-wide signal processing for USB devices


  • Apple Audio Units
  • BootCamp audio drivers
  • USB Audio signal processing

Embedded DSP Programming

Since Windows 8 was released it is now possible to perform system-wide audio processing in an offloaded hardware device. This requires your signal processing algorithm to be coded using a DSP instruction set that matches the DSP core in the offloaded device. There are distinct challenges in providing low-latency response and control of the offloaded DSP code.

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