Do you know how to create SFX, MFX, and EFX APOs?

Windows† 8.1 introduced three new types of APOs along with some new interfaces to support effects discovery. These are the Stream Effects (SFX), Mode Effects (MFX), and Endpoint Effects (EFX). Microsoft has released almost no documentation on these critical new APO types, yet they are required for Windows 8.1.

Optimal Sound has extensive experience in implementing all three of these new types of APOs on both USB Audio and HD Audio devices. We typically provide a single INF file for a class-driver-based driver package which is capable of supporting the new APO types as well as the older LFX and GFX APO types required for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The Optimal APO Framework includes support for all of these APO types. We can also provide customized training sessions which provides detailed information on the subject.

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