Do you know how to get a WHQL-signed driver to actually load on Windows 8.1?

Surprisingly, this is a common experience: You complete your audio development, you test-sign your driver package and pass the full WHQL test suite for all target operating systems, then submit your driver for WHQL signing. The signed driver is returned to you, but the APO simply won't load and there are no error messages or other indicators that it is not being loaded.

To make things much worse, the signed APOs must run within the Protected AudioDG process in Windows, and it is not possible to attach a debugger to see what is going on. If you modify the code to try and see if you can make a difference, you must re-run all the WHQL tests (about 2 days) and then re-submit to WHQL (another 1 to 2 days).

We've been there... and it took a long time to figure out the problem. And we did fix it!

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