We provide a number of additional services which are typically required as part of the audio driver development process.


Most of our licensing and development clients start by booking a 2 to 3 day training session. We work with you to determine the exact content to be covered, and its relevance to your ongoing business and technical concerns. We also provide everyone in the class with their own copy of the HD Audio book. We provide training and information on a wide variety of subjects, from best audio coding practices to how HD Audio works to how to configure and successfully pass the WHQL tests.

Project Management

We often take on all product management aspects, so that our clients can focus on product definition, high-level design, and signal processing algorithms, without having to be bothered with all of the hassles involved in jumping through Microsoft's hoops. We can manage some or all of the devlopment, test, and certification processes to meet your exact needs.

Motherboard Design and Layout Techniques

Optimal Sound can teach your team how to plan your audio designs to address problems before they become an issue. Correct analog audio system design usually costs less than sloppy design, and can save on board re-spins. Chapters 5 and 6 of the HD Audio book contain information on best practices for audio design and layout.

Download David Roach's presentation at Microsoft WinHEC 2005, discussing best practices for audio hardware design in PC environment.

System Design for Unified Communications

We have been heavily involved in Unified Communications since its inception, and have lots of experience with speech communications, especially in conjunction with speech recognition. We know what it takes to process communications signals separately from speech recognition signals, and how to implement the lowest possible latency. We have lots of experience with echo cancellers, not only in implementing echo cancellers, but also understanding how render algorithms can interact poorly with echo cancellers, and how to resolve that.

Download David Roach's presentation at Microsoft WinHEC 2008, discussing best practices for unified communications.


Microsoft has rigid testing requirements for audio driver packages. We have been continuously involved in WHQL certification since 1997, and have taken many, many products through this process. The process changes and adds new tests with every new release of Windows.

  • Microsoft WHQL Certification Testing & Windows 8 Assessment and Deployment Toolkit (ADK) Testing
    • Full lab with Audio Precision System 2 for running Windows Hardware Compatibility Kit (HCK)
  • Functional testing
  • Audio quality testing
  • Dolby certification testing
  • DTS certification testing
  • HCK/ADK Test Lab Bring-up and Configuration


  • Based in Austin, Texas, where music and tech come together
  • On-site, On-Demand Support for our clients as well as OEMs and IHVs
    • We are 10 minutes from Intel-Austin.
    • We are 15 minutes from Cirrus-Austin.
    • We are 30 minutes from Dell-Austin.
    • We are 3 hours from HP-Houston
  • Global Web-based Support (Lync, Skype, GotoMeeting, source control, screen-sharing, FTP, etc) allows us to easily interface with technical teams worldwide.

Technical Documentation

We always provide technical documentation for the products that we deliver. For some examples check out the book on HD Audio from Intel Press, the updates to the book, and the accompanying wallchart.

Proof Of Concept Design and Implementation

We love getting involved in proof of concept design and implementation for future technologies. It's often necessary to put together proofs of concept in a much different way than actual products, and makes it possible find out about real-world usability without first building a complete product.

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