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With the recent convergence of mobile and PC products, the traditional boundaries between audio software and hardware have been fractured. Different platforms have different capabilities and rules, some allow system-wide audio processing on the host CPU, while other platforms require or may benefit from digital signal processing that can continue to run while the main processor is in a sleep state.

At Optimal Sound we know and understand the various audio capabilities and limitations of each platform, and they vary widely. Newer and older audio communications busses such as HD Audio, USB Audio, HDMI, and I2S/I2C may all be implemented on the same system. We understand the audio flow through each device, and where in the signal chain each step of processing is taking place, whether in analog or digital hardware, software, or firmware. Our understanding of the complete audio processing chain provides a solid basis for our designs regardless of platform. We constantly look for low-touch/high-value solutions, and leverage or enhance built-in OS capabilities wherever possible. We welcome challenging audio projects on any platform.

Optimal Sound started in 2006 with a primary focus on supporting new Audio Processing Objects (APOs) introduced in Windows Vista, which continue to be used in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. The APO structure allows 3rd party signal processing algorithms to be installed on a systemwide basis, as part of a driver package. Over time we have developed a tried and true APO Framework which allows rapid and reliable bring-up of our clients' new signal processing algorithms running on all current versions of Windows (No, XP is no longer considered current).

We are a close-knit team of audio software and hardware specialists who continue to produce world-class products that ship as part of PCs, tablets and phones from leading OEMs. We literally wrote the book on HD Audio hardware and software development, published by Intel Press. We have a consistent track record of great-sounding, on-time, feature complete, and bug-free deliveries.

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